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I Just Have Lots of Feels Ok.

I should probably be sleeping right now-Oh look there's the sun.
Apr 18 '14
Apr 17 '14

i only look attractive for a max of 5 mins and this usually when no one is around

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Apr 16 '14


when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 

Apr 15 '14


[p. 83]

Apr 14 '14
  • getting an 80% on a test in 8th grade: (loud wailing that lasts at least an hour followed by a sinking feeling of despair and uselessness)
  • getting an 80% on a test now: (power slides down the hall while singing the national anthem)
Apr 13 '14

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Apr 12 '14

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Apr 11 '14
Apr 10 '14


How do people do backflips and shit? like i can’t even flip my grilled cheese without fucking up

Apr 9 '14




did u guys see me at the oscars

You looked great, pizza. Congrats on everything. I love you.

Thanks, John. I love you too.